Monday 10th April 2017
Picture of the Year Competition

Club members will enter their images in PDI, Colour Print, and Monochrome Print for judging by Don Morley, the renowned sports photographer and Surrey photographic judge.
SPA Biennial Exhibition 2016
Congratulations to

Brian Watkins who has his first acceptance into a photography exhibition with his image Red Stag at Sunrise in the Nature PDI class (a tough section to get in).

Charles Hobley who wins a PAGB ribbon by getting the Judges Choice in the PDI open class with his image Concrete Brutalism.

Alec Pelham who managed to get 4 images into the exhibition.

Every two years the Surrey Photographic Association puts on an Exhibition showcasing the best photos taken by the counties photographers over the last two years.
The 2016 Exhibition is held in Guildford House Gallery from the 12th March to the 1st April 2016.
This is flagship event for Surrey photographers with the best images on show getting put forward to the national PAGB competitions.
PDIs for Competitions
All Members

A number of the images submitted for competitions are incorrect either in size or in orientation or in titling. As you will appreciate this places a burden on our Competition Secretary who takes the time and trouble to correct the mistakes, whereas he could reject the entries.
Please ensure that your images comply with the competition rules, in particular the following-

Rule1.2 Projected Digital Images: should be sized to a maximum of 1920 pixels wide by 1080 pixels high i.e. a 16:9 ratio. Competitors are free to utilise the space within these dimensions as they choose. PDIs should be submitted in jpeg file format with high quality (12) compression, using SRGB colour space. PDIs should be named as follows to be accepted: nn_image title where "nn" is the club membership number and "image title" is the title of the image e.g. 04_Brighton Pier.

The full Competition Rules are available on the Club's website. If you are unsure about any technical aspects of resizing etc please ask a member of the committee who I am sure will be pleased to help.