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3 Tips for Great Construction Photos

When it comes to promoting your construction business, exceptional quality photography is gaining traction. To gain customers, you must be able to showcase what your business has to offer, creating a vibrant and exciting social media profile that accurately reflects the level of service that you believe you can offer. It is no secret that decisions can and often will be made by the eye, so fantastic construction photography is the key to generating increased footfall. When it comes to capturing exceptional construction photography, here are a few key tips worth considering.

Tip 1 – The best camera is the one you have with you

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It is important to remember that in this day and age, we are fortunate enough to have fantastic technology. The standard of camera’s readily available on your iPhone or Android device is exceptional. You don’t have to be seeking out expensive, professional cameras to achieve a high-quality of construction photography. Some people even find themselves able to compete with the very best, with increasing numbers of those that capture photos on their devices, finding their photos being published. So, don’t stress about looking for something professional when all the tools you need are right there in your back pocket. The following small pointers will help you to utilize the device you have to get the best possible product:

Be conscious of lighting. Overcast skies are often the best conditions to take your snap-in as it will allow you to capture the detail without being swamped in shadows. Picking the right time of the day and the right conditions is key. Keep your hand steady. It is very easy for your photo to be blurry through the slightest movement. Keep your hand steady and make sure your photos are not suffering as a result. If this is difficult for you, it is always worth investing in a tripod so that you can confidently capture steady shots. Get close to the object. When you zoom in, you will lose focus so the closer you get to the object, the more likely you are to have a photograph with increased quality.

You can also check out these 50 incredible photo techniques to help you capture the perfect picture.

Tip 2 – Use your construction photos, don’t let them sit there

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Make the most out of the photos that you take. Don’t allow them to sit their unused. Showcase your work, throw them onto your social media profiles, put them on your website and make sure that you are providing them with an audience. After all, you cannot expect to attract customers with your photography if you’re unwilling to put it out there. Don’t just keep it to narrow channels, filter it out, placing it on everything from your Facebook to review website such as Angie’s List.

Beyond that, use the photos to create a portfolio, that way you can physically share your work with both past customers and prospective customers. Simple steps like creating a newsletter (sign up for ours). Making sure that you’ve got the appropriate paperwork and photography to match is hugely beneficial

Tip 3 – Hire a professional

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If you don’t feel confident in your abilities or simply do not feel you have the time to take the photography that you need for your portfolio then it is well worth hiring a professional to take the lead. You’ll find that you can get a huge variety of fantastic quality photos for a very affordable price so it is worth considering. Our latest client were an Commercial Electrician in Hailsham who had some great photos and were really happy with the results!